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Purchase toys for kids — one of the pleasant, yet extremely difficult challenges facing parents. On the one hand, the abundance of dolls, machines, trains, little animals on fur stores pleases our eyes. But on the other hand, making a purchase, can be difficult to navigate, understand and choose the one and only needed a toy that will contribute fully to the physical and mental development of your baby, take into account his age features, and perhaps become the most beloved, most expensive and most desired thing for Kolen'ko or Varenka.


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All parents want that their child grew up intelligent and inquisitive. While he was still quite small, one of the few adults in sight, hold, developing baby, is reading books. A few years ago, parents could hardly buy the book you want in the store. Now everything is different: shelves filled with books for children, and this abundance is difficult to orient. Thus, many mothers, fathers, grandparents are forced to decide whether, how to choose a book for a child that she was also beautiful, and useful, and liked him.

Child and adult

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The role of the child's communication of the first years of life with an adult, perhaps, not be overemphasized. It must be the baby as well as air, water and food. If the first days of his life a little man will not ever interact with people, it is unlikely that someday he would become a man at all. Yes, yes, many historical facts testify to this. For example, children who are brought up not people, and animals, after falling into the society of people who have never been able to learn the elementary rules of human society. They could not learn the upright posture, speech, and much more.

WHAT IF baby cries at parting with parents

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Modern parents have read many books on psychology, are beginning to prepare for the arrival of their child in a manger long before this event. With a child walking in the yard, to develop communication skills, inviting him to visit their peers, they say, how well kids are living in a kindergarten. And the kid on the issue of adults, whether he wants to go to kindergarten, happy smiles and nods.

Once in the train was traveling with my mother two years of a child (his mouth was the nipple). Adults around, as usual, talked about the weather, politics, and then switched their attention to the baby. Anyone seeking to realize their educational and psychological ability to persuade a child to throw a dummy, causing more and more arguments and falling into a young mother boards (cut nipples, throw it in the eyes of a child in a train window, to smear mustard on it ...). For ten minutes the baby seemed to have listened carefully, looked from one speaker to another, then took a dummy from his mouth, completely «clean» and said: 'I have no nipples can not live "and with even greater intensity began to suck on a pacifier.

To teach or not teach?

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It's no secret that our age is very rapid. Perhaps that is why the young parents, fearing to be late, rush immediately after the birth of a baby to plan his future and solve the following problem: how many years to sit with your child at home, give it to a nursery, hired a nanny, at what age to invite experts on early child education, in which high school to give to learn which of the universities would be worthy to take my child after the end of grade 11. These problems are not far-fetched, they are worried about all the moms and dads,

How to get along with kids

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Often, while in the office of a psychologist, parents ask different questions. Some ask what should be done to shake the child to induce him to action. Others ask how, conversely, to calm the baby, who, according to the adults in perpetual motion. The meaning of these questions comes down to one: how to influence the prevailing emotional mood of the child?

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