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If you decide to use the finished book, purchased in a store, try to match the needs and capacities of the child.

The book should be durable (better if the pages are thick), with simple clear drawings, which are available for understanding the child. Contents of the book, too, should be simple, short, it is desirable that the text was rhymed with repetitive elements. Even if such a book is still difficult for the perception of your child, at first did not read it, and retell, reducing the text.


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All parents want that their child grew up intelligent and inquisitive. While he was still quite small, one of the few adults in sight, hold, developing baby, is reading books. A few years ago, parents could hardly buy the book you want in the store. Now everything is different: shelves filled with books for children, and this abundance is difficult to orient. Thus, many mothers, fathers, grandparents are forced to decide whether, how to choose a book for a child that she was also beautiful, and useful, and liked him.

To teach or not teach?

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It's no secret that our age is very rapid. Perhaps that is why the young parents, fearing to be late, rush immediately after the birth of a baby to plan his future and solve the following problem: how many years to sit with your child at home, give it to a nursery, hired a nanny, at what age to invite experts on early child education, in which high school to give to learn which of the universities would be worthy to take my child after the end of grade 11. These problems are not far-fetched, they are worried about all the moms and dads,

How to get along with kids

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Often, while in the office of a psychologist, parents ask different questions. Some ask what should be done to shake the child to induce him to action. Others ask how, conversely, to calm the baby, who, according to the adults in perpetual motion. The meaning of these questions comes down to one: how to influence the prevailing emotional mood of the child?

HOW grow KID

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The first years of life are extremely important for the further development of the child. It was during this period, foundations, created preconditions for the development of harmonious personality. E. Erikson calls the period from 0 to 18 months of the first stage of human development, when a child is formed «a basic sense of trust-mistrust.» The people you surround your baby, what relationships prevail in the family, will determine the future life of the child, then, how he grows up: Hard selfish or loving, kind man.

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